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George using a reflector to help with Tuchi's portrait 

Zibi - 2012: Just when I thought I was a good photographer, I joined this photography workshop and realized I could be so much better! Beata and George are a great team: very professional, creative, and always helpful. What I personally loved about the workshop was that I could ask any question at all, and none would be left unanswered. I learned about photography, and I think I learned a few things about myself too! Beata and George became my friends. I am definitely going back to join them on their next adventure - and I hope to see you there too!

Darrell - 2011: Thank you and Beata for the great Bali workshop in July! Your technical knowledge and photographic skills are second to none - I've learned so much from you! It was an inspiration to watch Beata make art using only her 50mm prime lens!

Tuchi - 2011: It's really been a fabulous workshop!  You're a great teacher and patient when it counted the most.  The best part of the trip was meeting people I would have never have met during a Nusa Dua type of vacation.

Elaine - 2010: Having experienced a number of workshops and instructors, I can honestly say the George's knowledge, understanding, and patience are incomparable! George went "above and beyond" for the duration of the workshop, his enthusiasm never waning, and his passion for photography never faltering. After the workshop, I want to make better images, not ever settle for "good enough"!

Anna - 2010: George is one-of-a-kind! I've done lots of workshops over the years, but our Bali experience with George stands above the rest by a mile! His technical knowledge, humor, enthusiasm, and energy are second to none! Is there anything he doesn't know? His wife, Beata, brought invaluable local knowledge and natural interraction with the Balinese, making it possible to get "the shot" every time!

Allen - 2008: As a photographer who has traveled extensively, I've found that the key to creating powerful images on location is knowing where to be and when. That seems simple, but when you are dealing with a country half way around the world, that can be daunting. Bali had been on my list for a long time, and having George and Beata'a intimate knowledge of the island was the primary reason I chose to work with them in fulfilling that desire.  They took us to amazing places, introduced us to remarkable people, and guided us in finding authentic Balinese cuisine. 

Alece - 2008: Beata and George provided an insider's perspective to a beautiful place with a fascinating culture. Having them as local guides greatly enriched our experience.

Vance - 2008: I loved how my pictures came out and I'm so proud of myself! I feel like I stepped up! I'm gonna' remember that trip forever! Thank you George!