George Simian and Beata Bernina   

 George and Beata in Bali

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Before meeting in USA, over 20 years ago, Beata and George lived with photography as their vocation and avocation in two different worlds - Beata pursued fine art and editorial fashion photography, while George worked in the commercial field. They've combined their lives and work, and have continued to photograph separately and together, approaching life from two very different viewpoints, but sharing their mutual enthusiasm.

From their first visit to Bali, they were enthralled with the openness and warmth of the Balinese, who effortlessly balance their spiritual and worldly duties each day, and share their love for their children, communities, and guests. Every Balinese lives life as an artist, focused on the grace and beauty that they instill in their every move and product, from the smallest offering, to the greatest temple.

Beata and George sought to immerse themselves into the lives of the Balinese, using the camera as a gateway to better know them, document newly found hidden treasures, preserve memories of these experiences, and share them with the world.

Everyone who visits Bali with a camera wants to make images that will bring their memories back home. Bringing their many years of practice in teaching, Beata and George enable workshop participants to convert their ideas into successful images, to reflect personal experience - either as stories or as visual art, as inspiration for memory and imagination.

While working side by side, they offer very different approaches and styles. Beata is quiet and introspective, interested in creative expression as a meditative practice, focused on creating photographs that are personally meaningful. George is outgoing and enthusiastic, invested in story-telling and portraiture, fascinated with the potential of digital technology, and stimulated by the good humor of the Balinese and the excitement of the participating photographers. He is very hands-on, both in the field and back in front of the computer.

Beata Bernina, born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, studied photography in Boston, USA, before working as a magazine photographer in Jakarta, in the early 90's. For the past 20 years she has lived in the USA with her husband, George Simian, partnering in their commercial photography and teaching programs. She has taught photography to inner‐city youth in the Los Angeles area, and to a group of traditional textile weavers, in the Eastern Islands of Indonesia. Recently, Beata has participated in the development of a software application for the learning of the Indonesian language and culture. A natural‐born organizer with a passion for authenticity, she enjoys seeking out leads to significant Balinese experiences, to share with workshop participants. 

View her work at and follow her on Instagram @beatabernina.


George Simian, born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, is a leading USA corporate advertising photographer, who has illustrated over 200 annual reports over the past 30 years, many of which received awards from Mead and AR100. George's clients include AT&T, Fidelity Investments, Georgia‐Pacific, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Staples, and Xerox. 

George taught at UCLA Extension, where he was awarded Instructor of the Year for 2007, and frequently holds workshops in Los Angeles, sponsored by Samy's Camera

Photo District News magazine recognized him in Sept 2011 as one of the Best Photo Workshop Instructors.

A lifelong advocate for photographers' rights, he served for 6 years as National Treasurer of the American Photographic Artists

His expertise in strobe lighting, digital workflow, and color management, make him a sought‐after consultant in the photo industry: he is a Phase One Certified Professional, and has lectured for Phase One, Westcott, Adobe, Mamiya, and others.

Find him on the web at,  Facebook, and on Instagram @george_simian